Sound Transfer

Transfer of production sound to Pro Tools® HD via OMF from locked picture.

Sound Editorial

Complete sound editorial of all sound elements in the film.

Dialogue Restoration

Dialogue restoration is provided as part of a complete sound post package, or as a stand-alone service. The dialogue restoration process allows us to fix common sound recording problems that negatively impact the location dialogue recordings. We can minimize and even eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming ADR, preserving the original sonic tone and emotion of an actor’s performance.
Our dialogue restoration process includes a combination of precise, sample level, dialogue editing and next generation digital sound restoration.
Problems that can often be fixed include:
  • Excessive and undesirable location noise (traffic, airplanes, machinery, generators, dolly noise, impact noise, electrical and machine induced hum, clothing rustle, digital clicks and pops, rumble, wind);
  • Specific sonic elements (cricket chirps, car horns, sirens, chair squeaks, coughs, etc.); and
  • Some heavy over-modulation and distortion.

Problems that typically cannot be fixed:
  • Poor microphone placement resulting in excessive room sound and off axis microphone;
  • Severe digital distortion or too much extraneous noise and not enough of an actor’s voice (e.g. an actor speaking next to a jet engine, or in a hurricane);
  • Constant electrical malfunctions (e.g. a microphone cutting in and out due to poor wiring or low battery packs);
  • Severe impact noise during words (e.g. jack hammer hits while an actor speaks); and
  • Excessive limiting and compression applied during recording on set.

Our dialogue restoration tool kit includes:
  • Cedar DNS, a high-end dialogue noise suppressor;
  • Zotope RX Advanced with intelligent noise reduction, de-click, de-hum, and spectral repair
  • Waves plugin bundles
  • VPre from V Sonics for intelligent, adaptive voice-processing
  • Oxford (de-click, de-pop, de-crackle); and
  • EQuality, a high-end equalization plugin from DMG Audio